Attracting favorite birds, like this wire-tailed swallow

“No other creature can transcend earth, evoke beauty, inspire dreams, and ground us in nature as does even the smallest bird.” Julie Sacco, Director, North Park Village Nature Center

Is it any wonder that so many of us want more birds in our lives? Their presence entertains us, eases our stress and lifts us out of our hectic lives and closer to nature for a few precious moments.

Attracting birds is easy; attracting specific birds requires thought and planning. In this section you will find the very best tips, backed by scientific research whenever possible, for attracting the birds you want.

From bluebirds to barn owls, there are ways to tempt your favorite species into viewing range.

I’ll be adding more favorites soon, in no particular order. If there’s a bird you really want to attract, feel free to contact me with a request and I’ll do my best.

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Image Credit: In the top featured image, an African Wire-tailed swallow feeds a fledgling. Photo by Manojiritty CC BY-SA 4.0 from Wikimedia Commons