Too Much Turkey

wild turkeys perching on a car

‘Tis the season for turkey on the table, in the oven, even in the freezer. But for Marie Adams of Vancouver Island, BC more turkey is not a good thing.  A small flock of wild turkeys has taken a liking to her home, and she’s got turkey on the lawn, on the car, even in … Read more

These Wild Parrots Are A Pain

Birds and agriculture often don’t get along, as any fruit or grain farmer will readily tell you. Birds just trying to make a living peck away at produce, causing $150 million in crop damage annually (as estimated by the USDA).  That’s bad enough. But when birds are hitting up your crops for recreational reasons, there’s … Read more

This Bird Is A Frantic Canary

Barn swallows and other flying insectivores are among the most-devastated species

We’ve all heard that songbird populations are declining. While ineffably sad, this is not news. However, a 2019 study has revealed some shocking information that is news: the overall bird population of Canada and the USA has shrunk by 29 per cent since 1970. That’s about three billion fewer birds today than in 1970. Decline … Read more

Keeping Your Bird Bath Clean & Healthy

Did you know that bird poop can carry more than 60 diseases, some of which affect humans? That’s why keeping your bird bath clean is so very important. Here’s a small sample of what you’re up against: Histoplasmosis, a potentially fatal human lung disease Salmonellosis or “food poisioning,” which makes birds very sick Candidiasis, or … Read more